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World Press Photo hat die 24 »regional winners« bekannt gegeben, und wir freuen uns, dass laif-Fotograf Mads Nissen mit seiner Reportage »The Price of Peace in Afghanistan« dabei ist.

Von über 3.700 Einsendungen aus 127 Ländern wählte die Jury 24 (winners) und sechs (honorable mentions) Preisträger:innen aus, die damit auf der Shortlist für den Hauptpreis stehen. Wer welche Kategorie gewinnt, wird am 20. April verkündet.

Wir gratulieren Mads Nissen und drücken die Daumen!


Illegal organ trading.
The parents of Khalil Ahmad, 15 years, can?t afford any more food for themselves or their eleven children, so in a desperate attempt to save them all they recently decided to sell the left kidney of their son Khalil Ahmad, 15 yrs.
|| 15-year-old Khalil Ahmad used to be really good at football and cricket ? and a little bit naughty to his siblings. But after his parents sold away his kidney, the boy has completely changed. He feels pain everyday and that he doesn?t have the same strength as before. His brother describes him as much more quite now.
Since the collapse of Afghanistan?s economy the illegal organ trading seems to have been rising dramatically. The family of Khalil Ahmad was paid 320.000 afghani (3500 usd) for the kidney, an amount that it would take his father Gul Mohammed.years to earn even if there was work for him. But there isn?t.
More information:øskende-fra-at-gå-sultne-i-seng.-Så-de-solgte-hans-nyre.laif © Mad Nissen / laif


Zur Reportage bei laif

Zur Reportage bei World Press Photo

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